Empowering women to align their
power, purpose and prosperity

To be female is to be powerful
beyond the wildest imagination

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I’m a coach, money mindset mentor and entrepreneur who supports

women just like you. I help women connect to their inner power, align

with their purpose and live a truly prosperous life.


My work has helped thousands of people to earn money meaningfully

while living a life filled with purpose.You can align your purpose, power

and prosperity too!

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Money, Moon &
Menstrual Tracker


Me, Myself &
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Power, Purpose & Prosperity Programme


Mar curated an amazing group, where I felt

welcome and safe. During the group

coaching, I removed old, wrong beliefs.

Now I feel more clarity about how I move

forward with my business.

Marie Brauburger

Copywriting Coach

Mar created a container that was both

expansive and pragmatic– encompassing

both aspects of the seen and unseen, the

physical and non-physical. The emergence of

sisterhood felt profound and moving.


Founder of Then & Now Studio

Mar is such an excellent facilitator. She

lovingly curated a circle that I felt so

honoured to be a part of. This group of

amazing women held me and made me feel

safe as I manifested new business ideas.

Rudrani Lolar

Yoga Teach & Retreat Facilitator

Customer Successes

This program was much more than I had expected. It was full of self discovery

and inspired me in many different ways. So much wisdom was shared with a

group of amazing women. In just 5 weeks I knew exactly what I needed to create.


Founder of Trip to Trip


Through the women’s group coaching program I felt so held and supported to step

more fully into my purpose. Mar has a very calm and determined presence that

makes me feel anything is possible.


CEO & Founder of Earth Blankets & Wombyn's Guide

Sita Kiara Santos

If you are looking for a transformative life experience, this is the place to go. It

changed the way I see myself, the way I relate to money and, much, much more

than that. A truly holistic transformative experience.”


Founder of Forest Homes

Daniela Rodriguez

Under the stewardship of Mar’s exceptional talent for holding space, I found

myself in a community of women whose mark on my life will last forever. The

spiritual awakening was akin to hearing my own voice for the very first time.


Communication Strategist

Donna Mei Ling

Mar Michelle Hausler © 2022

Mar Michelle Hausler © 2022

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Money, Moon & Menstrual Effectivity Guide
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